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Gravity London Girls Christmas Competition 2023

It’s finally here! Time to tell us about your ideal date night with one of the girls at Gravity

Some of you will already be familiar with the process of course. All you need to do is select your favourite girls from the drop down list, then tell us what kind of date you would plan for the two of you this Christmas…

We don’t need any naughty details of course, we’re looking for imagination and style above all else. These girls deserve the best, as you well know by now!

Please Note: If you win one of our prizes, you are not obligated to book the girl you choose here.


    • 1st Prize – 3 bookings 30% off each for every booking
    • 2nd Prize – 2 bookings 30% off each for every booking
    • 3rd Prize – 1 booking 30% off each for every booking